**BOOK GIVEAWAY!** Deer Hunting in Paris

I’m really excited to report I’m one of the winners of a copy of Deer Hunting in Paris by Paula Lee! Thanks to Sion of blog Paris Imperfect, one I’ve been reading since its start in 2010 and one whose writer I’ve also been privileged to call “friend.”

I hope to blog more soon, but my mother’s gone on vacation and taken the WiFi hotspot with her! I’m stuck with Starbucks, the Library, or my phone. It’s the phone on which I’m pecking this tiny missive now with my right pointer finger. ;-)

Soon, Readers, I hope to share more thoughts, but for now I want to share my excitement about this book. Please read Sion’s terrific Q&A with the author!


paris (im)perfect

Deer Hunting in ParisIf the title doesn’t tip you off, I can confirm that Deer Hunting in Paris packs a ton of surprises.

Recently awarded the 2014 Travel Book of the Year by the Society of American Travel Writers, the tale follows a Korean-American preacher’s daughter from Paris, France to Paris, Maine where our liberal, long-standing vegetarian author falls in love with a conservative carnivore and learns to cook everything from moose liver to deer heart. “Julia Child prepping roadkill,” one reviewer quips.

As someone who leans toward the secular end of the spectrum, steers clear of firearms, and has always been confounded by hunting’s appeal, the book’s subtitle – A Memoir of God, Guns, and Game Meat – announced I would be entering very foreign territory. The fact that I laughed out loud on the first page (and that the funny one-liners kept coming) reassured me that I’d be in good hands…

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